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29 minutes


Full hypnosis induction including hypnotherapy script

This has been specially made for men (or maybe you are the wife or girlfriend of a man who you feel may benefit from this therapy), a hypnotherapy session that will build your sexual confidence and you feel more positive in all ways.

Do you get nervous when you are with your partner in a sexual situation ?

Do you feel so worried about your ability to please her?

Do you get so nervous that you even sometimes lose your erection?

Do you sometimes even struggle to get an erection?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above this MP3 can help you. It will show you the secret to sexual confidence and allow you to have a full erection and great sex whenever you want to. Once you have discovered the secret you may listen to it again and again, each time taking in more of the therapy that gives you a boost when you need it. This hypnotic induction works even if you have never been hypnotised before, so soothing and relaxing, you won't notice how deep you are as the therapy in my soft words flow into your mind. Don't be unfulfilled, imagine now being in warm bliss.

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> Anger
> Body Image (2)
> Business Skills and Finance
> Confidence
> Exams
> Fears and Phobias
> Grief
> Habits and Disorders
> Health
> Memory and Learning
> Pain Relief
> Performance
> Personal Development (1)
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