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47 minutes


Full hypnosis induction including hypnotherapy script

This is a special guided meditation to balance your chakras, which are the energy centres in your body. When your chakras aren't balanced or open, this leads to health and emotional problems.

Sit back and relax, listen to the soothing sounds and be healed in mind, body and spirit.

Once your chakras are balanced this file puts you into a deep relaxed meditation and then leaves you to listen to the soothing sounds as you relax deeper. You will wake from the meditation when you are ready.

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> Addictions (1)
> Anger
> Body Image (2)
> Business Skills and Finance
> Confidence
> Exams
> Fears and Phobias
> Grief
> Habits and Disorders
> Health
> Memory and Learning
> Pain Relief
> Performance
> Personal Development (1)
> Psychic and Paranormal
> Regression and Progression
> Relationships (1)
> Skin Problems
> Sport
> Stress and Anxiety
> Weight Loss/Gain (1)