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 How will I get my hypnotherapy mp3?

Upon successful payment, you will be emailed within 24-72 hours, complete with your product information. Ensure your email address is valid and accessible.

To retrieve your product follow the e-mail instructions. You will be required to enter the given name and password to login to a private, secure server. On the download page, right click the picture link and choose 'Save Target As' (Windows Users)...

 I've had no email!

If you receive no email, ensure you are checking the correct email account before you request support. Problems can be caused when the email is automatically deleted by the customer's spam filters (either theirs or *their ISP's*), so watch for this as well.

If you do not receive your download email within 24-72 hours of placing your order, please contact Hypnotherapy MP3 immediately after the 72 hours has passed. Upon successful verification, you will receive the email again. Please be patient, as I do not work on my PC 24/7!

 It's taking ages to download!

These files are very large, to keep quality at a maximum, and are recommended for high speed connections only. Download interruptions by your ISP are not my responsibility.

Please note that the link (in your email) expires after 48 hours. Download your file immediately. Please send a polite receipt message stating you have downloaded your file successfully.

 My file is password protected!

All files are zipped up with a password for extra security. You will find the zip password under the download link in your download information email.

Please note:

When you pay for an MP3 this is a downloadable file NOT a CD, I will not send out CDs as this is extra work and hassle for me, keeping me from my other work on the site. If however the only way you have of getting these files is on CD I will make an exception if you tribute me £4 on top of the normal price. If sending cash and you enclose a stamped self addressed CD envelope you will get your order much quicker than leaving me to package it.

Lost Files:

The payment is for one download only, if you later lose the file that isn't my fault and I can not keep setting up downloads for everyone who loses a file, so make sure you are careful with them. However if you want to replace a lost file I will do so If you send me a small tribute towards bandwidth and admin, £5 per recording please.

 Refunds Policy

My hypnosis is all about customer satisfaction and I want you to be delighted with your purchases. However the majority of my products are of a non-returnable nature and therefore my policy is that all sales are final and refunds are not offered. If you are thinking about buying an item but you are not sure whether it is right for you, I recommend that you contact me prior to purchasing using the form on my site and I will answer any questions you may have. This does not affect your statutory rights.

 I need more help!

Please use the contact form for technical queries.

Thank you.