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How does it work?

Featured Recordings

Chakra Balancing Meditation
Guided meditation to balance your chakras.

After The Smoke
Time to become a non-smoker.

Custom recordings are also available, along with optional subliminal relaxing music.

Hypnosis sets you in a free state of mind. Open to suggestion and new ideas. You can relax your body, and even overcome fears. By listening to my smooth calming voice, your mind and body will experience something quite fascinating.

Does it work for everyone?

Hypnosis will work if you want it to. There is a small percentage of people who say they can't be hypnotised.
The truth is, during each day, without us actually knowing it, we all enter some level of trance.

Ever found yourself outside your house in the car and not remembering the drive?

Ever find yourself so engrossed in a TV program that you fail to hear someone talking to you?

Ever found yourself so engrossed in a book that you don't know where the time went?

Ever daydreamed?

All of the above are examples of trance state. Hypnosis takes you even deeper and talks to your subconscious mind while your conscious mind sleeps, allowing the therapy to enter permanently into your brain. You will notice the changes in yourself, even after one listen. All you have to do is relax and listen.

Tell me more...

Take a relaxing journey and let your stress fade away.

When you let stress get hold of you, things can get so bad it effects your health, your work, your friends and family, and all this leads to unhappiness, sometimes it gets so bad it leads to depression, a sense of helplessness and you are left feeling tired and unhealthy. Hypnosis can help you let the stress go, guiding you on a relaxing journey where you can find happiness once again.

Stress can be brought on by a range of different problems including: public speaking, phobias, relationships, abuse, sexual abuse, pregnancy, weight problems, anxiety, problems at work and many more... reasons that only you know deep down, now it is time to heal.

My smoothing voice will guide you into a deep trance where your worries and fears are taken away, or maybe you prefer a subliminal recording of relaxing music with the therapy hidden inside, which ever you choose you will be delighted with your recording and the results it brings.

All topics can be covered, a few examples follow:

public speaking, phobias, healing, learning nervousness, sports, love relationships, distant healing, education, creativity, pregnancy, sound healing, health, weight loss, nutrition, weight control, stress reduction, addiction, charisma, massage, emotional healing, fitness discipline, anxiety, attract money, wellness confidence, sexuality, positive thinking, rehabilitation, sexual performance, body building, exercise, cravings, attract sex, relaxation, panic, remote viewing, attract love, martial arts, sensational sex, sexual seduction...